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Hello Austin

Duntup is a new T-shirt brand which is exclusively sold in Playa del Carmen, and Austin Texas. Each one of our shirts is hand numbered, limited production. Thus each shirt is a collectible. Being an Austin resident, you can now be rightfully one the first to have access to our shirts. Go to and get an early bird discount. We would be happy to sell out all our shirts to Austinites.

Once you buy a Duntup shirt, you can then register your shirt with us. This will allow you to authenticate your purchase and prove your ownership. You too can now jump for joy!

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How to own a Collectible T-shirt?

We begin today a new endeavor. Dun Tup brand opens online for business. What we are selling is an idea. Simple, quality, collectible products. We begin with T-shirts. Everyone has t-shirts. However how many of those t-shirts are collectibles?  How many are registered on an online database? Each Dun Tup t-shirt is made after you order it and in limited numbers. Each shirt is hand numbered and then registered to the buyer. From the time you order it is a collectible. Check our online store for the current selection.  Each shirt and its text represent an ideal. Find what you identify with and place an order. Hurry once they are sold out, they are gone.


Come join our club. Buy a shirt, and then post a picture on our Facebook page with your shirt on.