The DunTup Story

An exclusive brand, made in limited quantities, sold only in Playa del Carmen, Austin and our online store, with registered ownership.

Everyone owns countless T-shirts, but how many are collectibles?
Dun Tup shirts are collectible from day one.

  • Jump for joy
  • Humanist in France
  • Humanist at heart.
  • Yes Man!


What makes our T-shirts unique?

Registered – Each shirt is hand numbered. The owner may register it with our online database. The owner is then able to prove the authenticity of the shirt at all times.
Exclusivity – The shirts are available in two cities, Playa del Carmen and Austin. They are always available on our website.
Amiable – Simple thought-provoking ideas, unique and vertically printed on the right side of the shirt.
Limited – Collectible; Limited to lots of 1000*. Each one is numbered.

Why DunTup?

Look at our label, certain words jump out.

Dun and Tup miraculously appeared. When we Googled dun and tup, we knew we had our name. Dun is a Color (Creamy Light Brown and now the color of all our shirts) and Tup is a small “Ram.”

Is my shirt original?
If it is registered with our database, you are now able to match your T shirt number to the name registered on the online database.